Bennu Kodi Addon Install Guide (Phoenix Reborn)

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The legendary Phoenix addon has been reborn as the Bennu Kodi addon, a new playlist addon for your Kodi setup. Install it via our guide below.

October 19th: The Bennu Kodi addon was updated to today’s date.

NOTE: In order for Bennu to work again you must go into your video addons, click the menu button on Bennu, select Settings, select ‘Clear Cache’ in the General Settings, click Yes, then click Ok. 

This version of the addon has the following changes:

  • Croatian language menus added.
  • Custom colors updated in settings
  • Sources & providers updated


October 14th: Another nice update from the Bennu team. Check out the changes:

  • Choose the colour that premium sources (Debrid) show up in.
  • Added 4 new providers.


After going offline at the beginning of May, Phoenix has been reborn with the brand new Bennu Kodi addon.

For those who don’t know, Phoenix was a very popular playlist Kodi addon. A playlist addon has content contributed to it by one or more playlisters, who each keep track of their own playlists worth of content. Like Phoenix, the Bennu addon has an impressive list of playlisters from the Kodi community:

  • Taurus
  • Dr. Stream
  • Crusader
  • Excalibur
  • Zodiac
  • Ra Live Streams
  • Cerus

In addition to the playlist sections, Bennu also has an overall TV show and movies section for new releases. Each playlister has their own niche worth of content, from movie and TV specialty sections, documentaries, music, live TV, and more. There is tons to check out in the Bennu Kodi addon.

NOTE: Bennu stores no content within the addon. It only knows how to search the public internet for data and information.

The Bennu Kodi addon can be found in the Colossus Repository.


How to Install Bennu Kodi Addon

This addon is a third-party Kodi addon not supported by the Kodi Foundation. Though Kodi add-ons don’t store any files or host any content, streams from this addon are scraped from websites that fall in a grey legal area.

Because it is not legal to stream this content in every country and location, we are not posting a how-to guide on this website. We believe that this is the safest move for because we know that there are parties looking to crack down on websites promoting piracy and we are not one of those. has plenty of add-on installation guides for things that are completely legal and we encourage you to check out our home page for more information.

Let us know on Twitter or Facebook if we can help you out!


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