Breaking: Colossus Repo Gone, URLResolver Development Stopped?

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The Colossus Repo appears to have gone offline, taking with it the code for URLResolver, Covenant, Bennu, and hundreds of other Kodi addons and dependencies. Read more details below. 

Around 1pm EST on November 15th, the Colossus Repo went offline, taking with it a ton of Kodi addons and dependencies such as URLResolver, Covenant, Bennu, and more. Accessing the official Colossus Github Page shows no repositories listed. The GitHub page was the only official method for accessing the addons and repository and was constantly being updated before it went down.

On Twitter, jsergio123, one of the main developers for URLResolver, had the following to say:

Sorry to say but I am stopping all development of the urlresolver, metahandler, and my other addons. I am not responsible for covenant and bennu but colossus has agreed to delete the repo too.


In addition to jsergio’s tweet, it also appear that Echo Coder’s twitter account has gone offline. Echo was one developer in the Colossus repo and had been focusing on Bennu and a few other addons.

No other information or explanation was given for the addons going offline. There appeared to be active updates from multiple developers before the Colossus Repo disappears.

We will update you on KodiTips as soon as we have more information. Some other addresses have hosted mirror copies of the Colossus repository and some of its addons, but without the official source for updates, those repos are now unsupported.

Let us know on Twitter or Facebook if you have any further information.


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