Building the multi stone emerald rings

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The emerald engagement rings have become very popular of late. The reason for this popularity is very simple; the buyers this way get to wear a non traditional form of jewelry. Also the unique appearance of these rings adds to the overall charm.

If you are thinking of buying the multi stone emerald rings for engagement or some other special occasion, it is better that you build them for scratch. It will make the emerald engagement rings even more special for the girl of your dreams.

Here is a look at the right way of building cheap emerald rings with multiple gemstones:-

•  Since, these rings have multiple gemstones along with the emeralds; it is important to make a wise choice. It is important to pay attention to the size as well as the color of each stone. Since, all the stones have to be set together, it is important to pay attention to their symmetry and color, they have to be consistent. In some cases, the centerpiece is large and in other cases all the pieces are equally big.

•  It is a popular option to use gemstones which have been pulled out of a piece of jewelry, which has to be reset. Also, it is easier and to buy vintage stones from the market. The only thing is that all the stones have to be personally checked out.

•  Next, it is important to make a choice regarding the metal setting. The choice has to be intelligent, because the setting brings out the ring’s overall feel. Most of the people go for a vintage setting, which requires a little restoration. While on the other hand there are people who try to buy only the brand new rings. There are a lot of websites offering a variety of options when it comes to vintage settings. There are other online stores too which easily specialize in offering new rings.

•  After you have reached a decision regarding the emeralds and other stones as well as the setting, you simply have to take a decision regarding the gemstones’ placement. The easiest way to do a proper visualization of the multi stone emerald ring is to go ahead and draw an image or a rough sketch using a photo editing software. It helps to make an intelligent decision regarding the color of the stones and their placement before the rings are prepared to be worn.

•  Once, all the things mentioned above are done, the multi stone emerald rings can be worn.

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