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Pretty much every pc user will at one time or another face the problem of a slow computer; this can be due to numerous things such as disk fragmentation, corrupt files, viruses and much more. Your Windows pc will come preloaded with numerous tools to aid in cleaning it up and optimizing, however, this can be a cumbersome job and you’ll have to troubleshoot to find precisely what could be the culprit. This information will be considered a Auslogics BoostSpeed Review, this software is all tools in a single package.

The program currently features 18 powerful modules that will allow you to repair you computer as well as clean-up correct or erroneous files, speed up by optimizing as well as help set your settings. It also offers resources to maintain privacy and security.

The various tools include: Service Manager, System Information, System Scan, Disk Doctor, Disk Wiper, Disk Explorer, File Recovery, Disk Defrag, Registry Defrag, Disk Cleaner, Registry scanner, File Shredder, Duplicate File Finder, Tweak Manager, Track Eraser, Internet Optimizer, Startup Manager, Uninstall Manager, Task Manager and Rescue Center.

As you can see this software programs are loaded with modules that will help probably the most cluttered system. Not only is this a very powerful tool, but it’s very easy to use and many of the functions really are an one push button, the computer novice can set this up and be optimizing their pc within minutes. There are very simplified wizards which will show you with the set up procedure.

Anytime you begin the program it’ll look for updates, which is an important function, as new security precautions are released often. Once you complete this, be sure to run the easy One-Button Checkup. This can run for some time so when complete will explain what it suggests to optimize your computer. If your computer is very cluttered it could take some time to run through the first time.

We screened this software of two computers; the one that was extremely slow and one which was a newcomer and functioning properly. After running all tasks on the first computer we noticed a substantial improvement in speed overall; whereas using the second computer we didn’t see much improvement.

Our overall opinion of the software programs are that it is a great value for what you really are getting. Other similar products do not contain all the modules as Auslogics BoostSpeed. They currently offer a free trial offer which we recommend.

You’ll find a far more thorough bootspeed review by going to at and also receive a special discount.

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