Crystal Knowledge: What Kind Of Amethyst The Most Value To The Collection

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The English name Amethyst Amethyst, from Greek, meaning “not easily broken. Amethyst is purple to dark purple crystal crystal crystal family is the most expensive one, because the crystals contain Mn crystal , Fe3 + and a violet color. transparent, in the two-color microscope obvious pleochroism. In the case of high fever, or burning, often result in color change gemstone, a brown, brown. amethyst purple color is due to trace of them infiltrated the Fe (Fe) element. high frequency, the right brain to dominate the world, and enhance the spiritual, can be opened more intelligent, and the need for students to think for office workers often or as an indispensable tool for creators.

Amethyst Amethyst Chemical formula SiO2 Crystal system: hexagonal Hardness: 7 Weight: 2.65 Refractive index :1.54-1.55 Origin: Brazil, Uruguay, Sambia, India, South Africa, Argentina, South Korea

Most valuable amethyst is purple red to purple color. Because of its beautiful purple, so has been the most popular varieties of jade, the “King of Jade” in the world. The international community to amethyst gemstone as the “February birthday stone.” In addition to its elegant color, the ancient Chinese believed that amethyst could promote mutual understanding, honest, bless the people all the best pot of gold, and resistant to the idea of infectious diseases and suppress evil. Amethyst has “honest stone” in the world.

Wide use of amethyst. Used to do Jade carving And the ring surface engraved products. Bishop of the Roman Church is said to often wear amethyst rings, to avoid evil. Crown Princess of Wales have a circle of high-quality pearls and amethyst. According to legend, Julius Caesar fanatical pursuit of amethyst, sent thousands of individuals find that special trip to the Urals mining ore.

The effectiveness of the most famous legend of Amethyst is the cure of epilepsy or to prevent drunk. Amethyst sobering stories of the past is the ancient Greek god of wine Backus (Bacchus) coming there. It is said the moon, chaste goddess Diana (Diana) once offended Bacchus Baccus, he settle personal scores, that let him encounter the first woman to be eaten by tigers. Just at that moment, a beautiful girl Amethyst (Amethyst) after his trail, Bacchus Pianhuan a ferocious tiger rushed amethyst, distress among her help in the chaste goddess Diana, Diana to her rescue, To protect her, she was turned into a pure and clean stone. Bacchus Baccus see all of this, suddenly realize, to apologize, wine poured on the body of amethyst petrochemicals. As the legend associated with the Bacchanal Backus, it has long been argued that with amethyst glass to drink, even excessive drinking, but also those who can drink from drunk and irrational.

20 century, had discovered an amazing Brazilian amethyst samples, 33 feet long, 5.5 feet wide, weighing about 35 tons, was bread-like, really can be described as the most amethyst. Amethyst is a crystal inside

the most noble and beautiful family, a member of, also known as Feng Shui Shi, Japan called amethyst stone for energy. Amethyst color with purple, since the infiltration of the trace Fe (iron) elements of the iron oxide is the main reason causing the bright purple. Amethyst will also form other styles, mostly within the crystal cave (Zi Jingdong) growth mode, while the outward growth of amethyst cluster (the largest market is the White druse) are extremely rare. Amethyst’s population is widely distributed throughout the world, regional and colors can be classified:

Uruguay Purple Amethyst Uruguay has been produced by the most senior of purple amethyst color. This very dark purple, very delicate and charming, with wine red “fire.” In recent years close to the cut-off, fine jewelry stores around the world an essential commodity.

Korean Purple Deep color, but some partial primary colors “blue violet.” This is a very delicate and charming and appealing color. Unfortunately, in recent years production has less and less.

Sambia Purple Very dark in color, and some deep purple to black. However, the general volume is small, a few pieces per carat up. However, its flaws are more rare large nationwide. There are a lot of deep purple amethyst bracelets and beads, the use of the original stone is the crystal of this Sambia system. Purple

Brazil Brazil, the largest amethyst production, in general, lighter than the color. Most colors are not so shallow, that is bias “eggplant purple,” but occasionally find the color blooming quality goods.

Bolivia Purple Origin of the main representatives of Bolivia yellow crystal violet, and the quality of the products in general have a similar standard, because Bolivia’s considerable geothermal activity frequently, so mined amethyst, or more or have significantly less crystal violet yellow ribbon, very beautiful.

Purple topaz Purple yellow line into a crystal amethyst meaning because divalent iron Fe2 +, after a long period of high temperature heating will begin physical changes into ferric Fe3 +, in general, many shops will inform consumers amethyst is can not use the sun method to purify degaussing, the main reason as well. Simple to data for:

When the temperature reached nearly 100 degrees, will begin to lighten the color of amethyst. When the temperature reached nearly 200 degrees, will begin to change the color of amethyst transparent. When the temperature reached nearly 450 degrees, the color will begin to turn yellow amethyst.

And purple amethyst topaz is through the natural heat (such as geothermal, hot springs or volcanic activity) formed by heating the yellow ribbons, purple yellow crystals in the crystal sector quite unattractive, because they would have the color of amethyst addition, it also has the yellow crystal texture, and purple with yellow junction is a gradient of light penetration, quite beautiful.

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