Dealmaster: Figuring out the right time to buy a new TV in 2018

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Enlarge / TCL’s new 6-Series TVs should be one of the better values of 2018, if history is any indication. (credit: TCL)

For all the technical advancements televisions have made in recent years, the process of buying one remains as hazy as ever. The TV market operates on a cycle that creates a constant push-pull between the newest technology and good value. Then you have to consider the vagaries of TV manufacturers and your own preferences on top of that.

Broadly speaking, however, there are two stretches where you’re most likely to get a decent price on a quality TV. The first is Black Friday. Many TV makers really do discount their best sets just before the holidays to capitalize on demand. The problem is that they usually surround the good TVs with several mediocre ones. Those lesser TVs are sold for dirt cheap so they look appealing, but they can make finding a genuine deal harder if you don’t know exactly which models are worth picking up.

The other smart time to buy is right now, in the early spring period when last year’s models start making way for their successors. “Now is a very good time to get a deal on a 2017 TV because manufacturers and retailers are cleaning out inventory to make room for new models,” said David Katzmaier, a TV reviewer at tech-news site CNET, in an email last week. “Some coveted models may already be sold out, but for models that are still available, prices are generally as good as any other time of the year.”


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