Experience The Energy Efficiency Of A Quartz Infrared Heater

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Finding the right heating devices for OEM or end user or process heating application manufacturing lines can often be a complicated and expensive search that can have a direct effect on your utility costs. For efficient process heating equipment, choose Anderson Thermal Devices, the company that delivers high quality, energy efficient heaters, excellent pricing and expedited delivery to fit your specific heating needs.

By serving the infrared heater market with innovative and cost-effective products, Anderson Thermal Devices has established itself as one of the leading companies in the process heating industry. They specialize in manufacturing hard to find medium and shortwave electric T3 and T4 infrared lamps, panel heaters, quartz-faced infrared heaters and gas fired panel heaters. This company can manufacture a quartz infrared heater that is specifically designed for your application processes and custom manufacture to your exact specifications. That industry-leading flexibility is why Anderson Thermal Devices is one of the most trusted names in the industry.

For the ultimate in energy savings, let our engineers help you select the heater most appropriate for your application from their wide selection of infrared heating lamps which are designed to be long lasting and help the user to minimize costs associated with energy usage. The company’s presale process involves helping you to select the most suitable heater for cost effectiveness and energy efficiency. Anderson Thermal Devices will keep you informed at every step of the production cycle so that you are always up-to-date with the manufacturing process Once the sale has been completed the engineers will stay in contact with you so that you will always have the best customer service available.

Anderson Thermal Devices supplies quartz infrared lamps and heaters to a number of large and small companies from varied industries including photovoltaic / solar panels, fuel cells, nonwovens, filter, industrial fabrics, paper, foil, printing, medical device, green technologies, batteries, semiconductor, film, automotive, glass, powder coating and ceramics.

There are number of important reasons why they utilize quartz in their infrared heater line. Quartz tubes can withstand the high internal temperatures and allow most of the energy to pass through reducing re-transmission losses. The benefits of infrared include: precise temperature controls, compact footprint, energy efficiency, and very environmentally friendly.

The company’s engineers are experts at creating sturdy, cost-efficient heaters. Their radiant round quartz infrared heaters for your wire, cable, fibre-optic and tubing applications provide precisely controlled heat that surrounds the product, allowing for uniformly efficient heat transfer.
The company’s efficient quartz infrared heaters are available in a variety of diameters and lengths for versatility and convenience. Each radiant round quartz infrared heater unit comes with easily mountable housing, helping you to save valuable space within your manufacturing area. In addition, multiple units can be stacked on top of each other to further aid in space saving. To start saving money on your business’ utility costs today, call Anderson Thermal Devices now and speak with one of their experienced engineers.

About Anderson Thermal Devices:

Based in Hawthorne New Jersey, Anderson Thermal Devices provides state-of-the-art infrared lamps, heaters and cassettes to companies throughout the process heating industry; each designed to suit specific manufacturing processes for the ultimate in cost and energy efficiency. For more information, please go to Andersonthermal.

Anderson Thermal Devices [ATD] specializes in providing the Process Heating Industry with multiple choices of Infrared Heaters, lamps, and cassettes. Our engineers have decades of experience in applications of infrared in various industries and will be glad to help you chose the best heaters for your application. For more information, please visit www.Andersonthermal.com.

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