How to Awaken Your Psychic Senses and Spiritual Gifts with Crystals

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How to Awaken Your Psychic Senses and Spiritual Gifts with Crystals

How to Awaken Your Psychic Senses and Spiritual Gifts with Crystals

Some people are born into this world with their psychic and spiritual gifts already online. That was not the case for me.  As a child, I was not able to see angels flying through my bedroom or to speak with my deceased grandparents. I didn’t even have an “imaginary” friend. Now I am a professional intuitive and a crystal healer who channels energy and information, and I regularly interface with higher dimensional beings. If I can do it, so can you! Here’s what I credit for the expansion of my gifts: the amazing crystal collection that I surrounded myself with over the years. 

Working with the right crystals can activate and enhance the functioning of your higher chakras and glands. Your pituitary gland is known as the master gland and is located roughly in the center of your head. It is associated with the third eye chakra, which governs the mental body and psychic ability. Your pineal gland is located a little above and behind the pituitary gland. It is associated with the crown chakra, which is your direct connection with spirit and the higher dimensional planes. A wonderful thing happens when these chakras and gland become more fully activated: You experience an expansion of your intuitive, psychic, and spiritual abilities. 

There is another piece of the puzzle—the zeal chakra (also known as the Mouth of God or the Well of Dreams). The zeal chakra is located at the back of the neck and base of the skull, where there is an indention. It is an ancient chakra that has been dormant in most people, and it is beginning to awaken now for some. Its color ray is magenta; and when fully activated, this center will regulate multidimensional telepathic communication. Awakening it can simultaneously activate the kundalini energy, and you experience an increase in clairvoyance, clairaudience, out of body travel, dream work, healing gifts, telepathy, and empathy. 

If you are ready to start having bigger multidimensional experiences, the Psychic and Spiritual Awakening Set is for you! It includes my four favorite stones for tuning up your psychic senses so that you can pierce the dimensional veils. Regular work with these stones can help you awaken and develop a variety of metaphysical abilities, such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognizance, telepathy, channeling, and healing gifts. I am excited to share with you the metaphysical properties of the stones in this set, and how to meditate with them for psychic and spiritual activation. 

Elestial Quartz: Elestial Quartz is one of the twelve master Quartz formations, as described by Katrina Raphaell. It has an etched and layered appearance, and many specimens have multiple terminations all over the face and body. Crystal Expert, Robert Simmons, describes Elestial Quartz in this way: “They are like crystalline switchboards linking multiple dimensions, times and levels of consciousness to one another.”  He also says that they are a perfect medium for transferring energy patterns, codes, and information from the higher planes into the human auric field and experience. Elestial Quartz is the best crystal I have found for helping me to see and bring in light codes. Light codes can appear in your meditation as symbols, geometry, complex mathematical equations, hieroglyphics, or something that looks like morse code. You can think of these light codes as seeds of etheric instructions that take root and upgrade your bio-energetic system. This results in the awakening of your higher chakras, glands, subtle energetic circuitry, and psychic senses.

According to Crystal Expert, Naisha Ahsian, Elestial Quartz connects to the full spectrum of light. Then it structures and regulates this energy, adjusting it so that it is the perfect and highest level that you can easily absorb and integrate. Elestial Quartz can heal and upgrade your brain, bringing it to a higher level of functioning. I work with it in healing sessions to assist in rewiring/upgrading the client’s subtle energetic circuitry. It can create new neural pathways that align you with higher dimensional reality. Elestial Quartz clears blockages from all chakras and energy centers, and it helps you to see and release the root causes of disease and disharmony. It can assist you in purifying and dissolving mental and emotional patterns that no longer serve you. All of this makes Elestial Quartz a master healer, as well as a spiritual awakener.

Super 7: Super 7 is a supercharged third eye crystal that is a combination of seven powerful minerals: Amethyst, Cacoxenite, Goethite, Lepidocrocite, Clear Quartz, Rutile, and Smoky Quartz. As such, it is a high vibration activator that also assists with grounding, cleansing, balancing, and protection. Some experts say that it is raising the vibration of the entire planet and all beings here, making it a top stone for ascension and light body activation. It can awaken and enhance multiple psychic gifts, such as telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, telekinesis, channeling, healing abilities, and more. Super 7 can facilitate deep past-life and karmic healing, and it has a purifying effect on all chakras and subtle bodies. It is a stone of connection and transformation that can increase awareness and alignment with your highest spiritual mission. If you are ready to take it to the next level, Super 7 is for you.

Pietersite: Pietersite is a magical stone with flashing color rays of deep blue, gold, and brown. It is one of my top choices when clients are expressing the desire to awaken more of their psychic senses. That’s because it is known to activate the higher glands, the pituitary and pineal, to create balance in the entire endocrine system. On a physical level, this helps to regulate hormones that affect metabolism, the reproductive system, blood pressure, and other biological processes. On an energetic level, it awakens the intuition and psychic senses. 

Pietersite is the perfect stone to assist professional psychics or intuitive healers in receiving clearer and more accurate information from other realms. This stone is ideal for awakening the third eye, your psychic center, and the solar plexus, your center of manifestation and will. With both chakras activated, it is easier to gain clear psychic insights related to and resulting in the manifestation of positive life changes.  During conscious meditative journeying, it helps you to reach the target destination of your will. So in this way, it can help you to consciously direct your psychic experiences.

Pietersite has a powerful cleansing effect on the chakra system and the entire auric field. It is especially useful for clearing out pent-up, emotional energy that has been trapped in your system. Pietersite also grounds higher light into the body, and it helps to expand the spectrum of light that you can successfully integrate. It does so by strengthening the nervous system and brain, so that you can process more energetic input.

Eudialyte: Eudialyite is a physically and energetically complex stone that ranges in color from magenta, pink, rose, red, yellow-brown, violet, green, and red-brown. It is the best stone that I have found in my quest to activate the zeal chakra. When held for one hour, it has been demonstrated that Eudialyte can measurably increase both your alpha and beta states simultaneously. The beta state is your everyday, alert level of consciousness, and your alpha state is your creative, daydream state.  In alpha, you are accessing your imagination, intuition, and higher dimensional connection. Eudialyte helps you to develop telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, and channeling abilities. It serves as a fine-tuner of transmissions, helping you to hone in on the important incoming vibrational information and tune out any extra noise. It is known to increase the flow of synchronicities in your life. Eudialyte also clears the channel from the crown to the root chakras, encouraging the rise of the kundalini energy. It harmonizes your mental and emotional bodies, and it connects your spiritual body with your physical experience. Eudialyte attunes you to greater levels of universal love and joy, while helping you to express these energetic states in your physical life for the good of all.   

If you are ready to work with these stones to speed up your spiritual and psychic awakening process, here’s a wonderful meditation exercise that can help. You could do this exercise yourself, or you could guide loved ones and clients through it. Here are the step-by-step instructions:

  • Gather and cleanse the four stones you will use. You could use running water, sage, salt, sound, violet flame, or any crystal cleansing method you like.
  • Create a comfortable and clear space for the treatment. Crystal healing works best if you or your client can feel safe and relaxed. This treatment is done lying down, so it will work great on a bed, a massage table, a couch, or even on a blanket placed on the floor. You might want to diffuse some relaxing essential oils, dim the lights, and play soft, meditative music. I also like to smudge the room with sage to clear the energy.
  • Call in help from your soul and spirit team, and ask for assistance in creating the highest and best outcome. I know that I always get better and more powerful results when I remember this step. When we ask for higher dimensional assistance, we open the door for it to manifest in bigger ways.
  • Place the stones.Place the Eudialyte at the zeal chakra (located at the base of the skull). Place the Elestial Quartz at the crown chakra (located at the top of the head). Then place the Super 7 and Pietersite, side by side, at the third eye chakra (located at the center of the forehead). 
  • State aloud your intention for the meditation. Crystals and stones respond to your thoughts and intentions. Clearly speaking your intention helps the stones to come into resonance with your desired outcome and to help make it so. Here is a good intention to state for this meditation, “I now receive the perfect infusion of light that I can safely integrate for my highest good. My higher chakras and glands are clearing and awakening, so that they come into their optimal level of functioning.”
  • Leave the stones in place for at least fifteen minutes while you relax and meditate.You might see symbols, geometry, mathematical equations, hieroglyphics, or other images while you are meditating. Or perhaps you will see colors or feel sensations. It might be big or very subtle, just trust that you are receiving what is perfect for you at this time. While these stones are placed in their optimal positions, it is easier to tune into the higher dimensional realms. So be open to connecting with your higher self and receiving messages and information.
  • Remove and cleanse the stones when you are done. 

You can think of this meditation as a spiritual initiation or attunement process. I would suggest repeating it on a regular basis to speed up the results—perhaps once a week. You could also carry these stones with you in your purse or pocket, which allows you to benefit from their elevating and spiritual energies throughout your day. 

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