How To Choose High Quality Amethysts

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The regal purple colour of the amethyst is reported to be able to defend against drunkenness and is also prized within the crowns associated with royalty. Traditionally it is the birthstone of February, the amethyst is available in a variety of tones, from lightest violet to deepest purple. Amethyst rings and earrings are very popular.

1.Always purchase amethysts from a dependable and trustworthy jewellery retailer. Look for employees that have got knowledge with gems in general, specialist knowledge in amethysts would be a bonus.

2.You can ask if the stone has been treated in any way. Certain treatments that are used to improve gemstones consist of temperature treatment, irradiation, dyeing and also coating. Not all of these treatments will neccessarily devalue the gemstone, however it’s always worth inquiring so you know what you will be getting.

3.Evaluate the colour in the stone. Deep purple amethysts tend to be rarer and much more valuable compared to light-colored versions. Additionally, try to find rose-colored accents inside the general deep purple colour while you turn the stone. Amethysts with this particular characteristic are specially valuable.

4.Make certain the gemstone features perfect clarity without any noticeable defects.

5.Examine the cut of the stone. Ensure the surface of the amethyst reflects light uniformly and there are absolutely no scratches. Flip the stone around and analyze it from all possible angles.

6.Examine a number of amethysts sitting alongside each other. Consider colour as well as cut.

Tips & Warnings

“Rose de France” is one title placed on pale amethysts found in antique jewellery.

Amethysts are formed within quartz, and are mined from numerous places all over the world.

The yellowish, or gold, kind of an amethyst is known as a citrine. Occasionally the colour of the amethyst is formed in combination with the colour of a citrine, and the resulting gemstone is referred to as a ametrine.

Amethysts which are incredibly low in cost are most likely not genuine gemstones so be vigilant.

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