HOW TO MAKE SILKEN TOFU (easily at home!) | Mary’s Test Kitchen

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HOW TO MAKE SILKEN TOFU (easily at home!) | Mary's Test Kitchen

Hi friends! Make your own silken tofu at home from scratch using soybeans, lemon juice (or gypsum) and water! Fresh, handmade tofu is so much better tasting than the store-bought stuff and super easy to make. Of course, lemon juice isn’t really a traditional ingredient in tofu. Calcium sulfate, also known as gypsum, is the common coagulant used in Chinese tofu and makes a superior silken tofu. But don’t head to your local hardware store. You can find food grade gypsum at beer and wine-making stores or online (

Store bought soymilk usually contains a bunch of additives so you won’t want to use that for this recipe. These additives can affect the PH of the milk and prevent coagulation. That’s why I’ve included how to make soy milk from soybeans in this video. You’ll want to soak the soybeans ahead of time so start early! Buy mature soybeans (not edamame) from grocery stores, health food stores, bulk food stores or online (

Clarification on soybeans: some fine wrinkles are OK, but if they are really really wrinkly, that means they are probably too old and dried out.

On my previous tofu making tutorial, I got lots of questions about using store-bought milk. So I tested two types of store-bought milk: soy milk and almond milk. Watch to see what happened!

You may have heard some rumours about soy, but this legume been consumed in China for centuries! Soy is one of the “5 Sacred Grains” and is one of the most healthful sources of protein.

Full blog post on how to make silken tofu:

Start – soaking beans: 1:09
Blending: 1:55
Straining: 2:39
Cooking raw soy milk: 4:05
Picking coagulants: 5:30
Steaming: 7:40
Results with gypsum: 8:14
Results with lemon juice: 8:58
Results with store-bought milk: 9:35
Soy Sauce Tofu Scramble: 10:40


Buy soybeans online (do not choose soy nuts or edamame):

Buy food grade gypsum:


Full blog post on how to make silken tofu:

How to make Silken Tofu with soy beans and lemon juice

How to make regular tofu:

Previous Soy Milk Tutorial:

Less Beany Soy Milk (for drinking, not recommended for making tofu):

Okara Sea Burgers (made with soymilk pulp):

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