How To Wear Heart Pendants

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Heart pendants are popular gifts for every romantic occasion and are also fun to buy for yourself. Whether you want to show off a special heart jewelry gift or you want to showcase your collection of heart charms, you can create the perfect look around a stunning heart necklace. Heart pendants and heart necklaces can be sweet and simple or exciting and extravagant. Choose the right outfit and accompanying jewelry and accessories to make your heart jewelry the focal point of any style.
Wearing Heart Pendants:
1. Glitter and glow: Many heart pendants and heart charms feature shiny gold and brilliant diamonds. Gold and diamond pendant jewelry is luxurious, and it deserves to be shown off properly. Wear your diamond and white gold heart pendant on a nice gold chain and pair the necklace with a black dress, silver heels and a sterling silver charm bracelet for an outfit that is perfect for any party. Special occasions, such as weddings, graduations and birthdays, also call for opulent gold and diamond heart necklaces.
2. Inspire romance: Heart pendants are undoubtedly romantic, whether you receive them as gifts or buy them yourself. Delicate heart pendant jewelry with etchings, gold embellishments and feminine details pairs perfectly with your favorite dreamy outfits. Wear your sweet sterling silver heart pendant with a fluttery lace top and your best-fitting black trousers for a change in your workday uniform.
3. Create drama: Large and intricate heart necklaces are stunning and dramatic. Many heart pendants feature elaborate designs, colorful gemstones and beautiful engraving. If you’re lucky enough to have one of these gorgeous heart pendants, let it shine by keeping your outfit and accessories simple. Try wearing your large heart pendant with a nice V-neck sweater and a pair of dark blue skinny jeans.
4. Go with your heart: Although a few tips can help you wear your heart jewelry with style, heart pendants are meaningful and personal, and wearing them should be too. A special heart pendant can be worn every day to keep love close to your heart. Try wearing your heart pendant on a beaded necklace or colorful cotton cord for a change of pace.


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