Incorporating Black onyx Jewelry into Your Wardrobe

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For ladies, it’s important to find jewelry that fits in with the rest of your wardrobe. If you’re going to spend your well-earned money on accessories, why not spend it on something you can wear over and over again? For a bold, unique look that never goes out of style, black onyx jewelry is the best choice.

A black onyx necklace can be the perfect piece of jewelry to emphasize long, elegant necks. It can be used to emphasize your neckline. You can choose from a variety of different chain lengths, to draw attention to the parts of your body that you want to be noticed. There’s surely something for every shape and style. For those who want something simpler, an onyx pendant might be the choice. A simple chain and pendant adds some much needed class to over-the-top necklaces so popular today.

From the different designs and shapes you can find for onyx rings, it’s important to choose one that suits your style. There are a lot of different shapes, but the most popular cuts are usually round or oval. Princess cut and square cut onyx are also used. It can come with a lot of different metal settings, but sterling silver or platinum gives any piece great contrast.

Because designs range from simple to intricate, it’s important to keep one rule of thumb when choosing women’s jewelry: choose a single focal point. Don’t let a unique piece get overshadowed or overwhelmed by putting on too many pieces on. Concentrate on a single piece and work your way around that, to ensure that you don’t look too busy. You could also purchase a set of black onyx jewelry, which ensures that the proportions of your accessories will be coordinated. Usually, a set comes with a pair of earrings, a bracelet, a ring and a necklace. This will complete your black onyx look.

This onyx jewelry never goes out of style. It’s a fashion trend that’s here to stay. It matches a variety of styles. You aren’t even going to have problems when trying to coordinate the color of your outfit. Because of the rick, black color of the black onyx, it can be worn with any color you want – even brown. While most people avoid using black and brown together, you’re safe with black onyx as they are both neutral colors.

Cleaning and maintenance is a breeze, as it is very hard and polished. You can simply clean your black onyx jewelry using a soft, damp cotton cloth. Polish your metal settings, avoiding the stone. It’s that simple!



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