Jade Transaction Chain Of Buyer Seller

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Jade Business people want to continue for nearly 10 years of profits to pay the price. Now is the time to re-fix “scarcity” The Myth of the time.

Chain in the emerald trade, not only one Buyer Or seller. Every buyer, as long as he profitable, they will themselves be the seller. No one will hang on the rules: You must not wait for the finished product will be processed into Jade shot. For the industry, the “emerald trading only ‘game’ is ‘the goods sold, money received hands’.” “Jade jade like these gold and silver as commodities.” Guangzhou, a heavyweight The dealer said, “You can not buy a home up jade stones, and then sold the same price – he will not give up the profits.”

The price of jade to make money in the hands of the people rising. “Scarcity” is the basis for continuity of flow continuously, but also they protect the industry and vitality to the fullest and most compelling reasons. 90’s, the sale of game was inspired by the huge profits being pushed to the climax, but it is the future of the industry dug a “trap.”

“Profits before, almost everyone made a mistake.” Dealers that were recalled, “In 1994, Taiwan and Hong Kong’s ‘Jade thermal’ spread to the mainland, right there at this year’s merchandise buying spree. with red and blue Gem Represented by the best selling jewelry to become hot, then the biggest jade market in Asia, from Taiwan, moved to the mainland. “He said, when the market is big enough capacity, people would pierce the” scarcity “this window of paper, find new sources to supply the market of jade. In Myanmar, more jade mines were found and began digging a large number of grade not enough, the year is still close and ready supply of jade stones onto the market. “a kind of obvious defects, but enough real ones treated in the ’83 minerals’ in the then almost flooded the market. Now, the market has gone, but the accumulation of a number of miners in the warehouse of thousands of tons ’83’ Stone It is estimated that their grandchildren are Maibu Wan. “

Jade merchants for sustained profits for nearly 10 years to pay the price. Now is the time to re-fix “scarcity” The Myth of the time. Although no one would openly admit, but the emerald of the total surplus is the industry can not avoid an embarrassing situation. Far exceeds the demand Overstock In the hands of some traders. In Jade’s circulation, they become those who “can not find buyers,” unfortunate “those who pay.” On dealers, the inventory pressure can be fatal, it means the risk of capital strand breaks. While everyone else to compete less than a total 1 / 10, when the jade stones in high-end, cash is the most powerful weapon.

Competition once again return to the source of the sale. This new contest, who can control the supply, who will be able to grasp the emerald business initiative.

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