Kodi Gvideo Links Not Working? Find Out Why

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Kodi Gvideo links are some of the most reliable and popular HD links found in Kodi add-ons, but sometimes they stop working or disappear. Let us explain what’s happening and help you out.

August 17th: A change by Google has caused most Kodi Gvideo links to stop working. It appears that Gvideo streams now have view limits on them if you are not logged into your Google account. A URLResolver update is required to add the ability to enter and use your Google account to stream Gvideo files.

This news is worrying for those concerned about the privacy of their internet connection. By forcing you to log in to your account, Google can now tie your account to the things you stream on the internet. We recommend not using an account with your real information and hiding behind a VPN for maximum security.

We will update this post when a URLResolver update comes out.


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Kodi Gvideo links not working for you? Gvideo has long been the chosen web host for Kodi users because of a few nice advantages:

  • Gvideo is powered by Google and has one of the largest server networks, ideal for large HD files.
  • Gvideo upload and download speeds are higher than other free hosts, allowing for quicker uploads and buffer-free streaming.

However, because Gvideo links are hosted by Google, they are prone to DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) requests, which allows official parties to painlessly request that Givdeo links be removed due to their piracy nature. This means that if you find Kodi Gvideo links not working for you, they’ve most likely been removed at the request of the original content owner.

So, while there are some Gvideo advantages and disadvantages, the average Kodi users can’t control or do anything about it. When an HD Gvideo Kodi links is available, have fun. If you find that Covenant is skipping past all of the Gvideo links, it probably means that each link has been removed but the streaming website you are scraping hasn’t updated their index to remove them from showing up.

Hopefully that helps you understand Kodi Givdeo links not working, why Gvideo is so popular, and why they are prone to uptime and downtime.

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