Lemon Myrtle – The Oil of Mateship

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Lemon Myrtle - The Oil of Mateship

Lemon Myrtle is a flowering plant native to subtropical rainforests of Queensland Australia. It was believe the essential oil, steam distilled from the leaves and twigs, first occurred in 1888. However this was on a very small scale and after World War 2 when they no longer needed to use it for a substitute for Lemon essence or flavouring, it feel out of popularity. It wasn’t until an increase in interest in Australian “bush tucker” and native flavourings in the 1980’s that distillation began again and since then the essential oil has not only been used for flavouring but for a variety of ways to support our wellbeing. This is an important oil for those that are spiritually inclined to work with for it brings you back in connection with Lemurian energy, awakening knowledge for the lost civilisation of the southern hemisphere.

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