Manufacture Of Enamelled Copper Strip

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Enamelled copper strip is the main part of winding works in all electrical devices or machines. It is a better option when compared to fibrous insulations as a favorable factor of space saving is always its advantage along with the level of breakdown voltage which is very high. There can be many ranges of the enameling which is dependent on the specification of a particular electrical appliance or that spelled out by the client of a manufacturer.
The various parameters on which an enamelled copper strip should be precise are its pencil hardness, edgewise bend, breakdown voltage at high temperatures, temperature index and the heat-shock of a bent strip. Some copper wire manufacturers have expertise in all types of wires like bunched copper wire, flat copper wire, armored cables, etc. Their infrastructure and capable manpower handles the task of producing the enameled copper wire to precision. The clients are also given the option of deviations from the standards upon special request. This is inevitable in the case of winding works for the myriad electrical equipments that are produced all the time.
It is of great significance for a copper wire manufacturer and exporter to keep a constant vigil on the quality of the products being turned out by the manufacturing unit. This is as true for enamelled copper strip as for any other product. This calls for constant quality appraisals right from the time of procurements of raw materials to each and every step in the manufacturing process. The team of professionals with experienced technocrats, designers, machinists, metal technologists and allied workers has to come to the fore for ensuring the quality of the products.
In case of enamelled copper strip, this assumes special importance in view of the specifications required in it. Enamelled copper wires are used in winding works of electrical equipments and this gives it special importance because winding of wires is the most critical task in any electrical equipment. The products can be made cost effective, easy in operation and maintenance free by engineering excellence that comprises of quality and reliability as the distinguishing features of the products. The advanced technology brought about by sound infrastructure is what helps a copper wire manufacturer give a broad range of solutions for the clients. This is applicable for all copper wire products like flat copper wire, bunched copper wire, armored cables or enamelled copper strip which any manufacturer turns out.

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