Myriad Kodi Addon Guide: Multi-Source Streams by DandyMedia

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The Myriad Kodi addon by DandyMedia is a multi-source scraper addon that searches the public internet for movie and TV show streams. Read more information below.

The Myriad Kodi addon is the latest project by DandyMedia, who has previously created some of the best single-site scraping addons for Kodi. By our count, this is his first multi-source addon, which scrapes content from multiple websites on the public internet streams.

The Myriad addon by DandyMedia comes with a few nice features to differentiate itself from other multi-source addons available to install for Kodi, including:

  • Categories and playlists from IMDB (and Movie25 if you’d like). Most addons uses TMDB which has had API problems as of late.
  • Alluc keys integrated – Alluc is a free scraper that requires registration. Myriad lets you access this scraper without having to manually register.
  • Icefilms free scraper, one of the most popular websites for streaming on the internet
  • Specialty IMDB category playlists.


After you install the Myriad Kodi addon, here are the settings you can change:

Myriad Kodi Addon Settings

Auto View Settings

  • Enable Movie Meta – Add additional movie metadata to each search result, such as plot, actor, year, and other specific information that is helpful but may slow down the addon.
  • Enable Movie25 Indexer – Adds playlists and categories from Movie25 in addition to the addon default, which grabs information from IMDB.
  • Enable Automatic View – This option and the ones below it allow you to customize the look and feel of each of your page views in the addon.



  • Authorize debrid sources through URL Resolver – Allows you to enable Real-Debrid through URL Resolver.
  • Dandy Scraper Settings – Allow you to enable, disable, and adjust the free scrapers included in the addon.
  • Clear DandyScraper Cache – Useful to clear the data and history of your scrapers if you feel like they are not returning valid results.



Myriad Kodi Main Menu Categories

When you launch Myriad for the first time, here is how the addon is split up:

  • Movies
    • Now Playing
    • Box Office
    • Box Office By Year
    • Box Office By Decade
    • Top 250
    • Highest Rated
    • Kids Zone
    • Oscar Winners
    • All Time Top Movies
    • Genres
    • Search
  • Latest Movie Releases
  • Movie Search
  • TV Shows
    • Popular
    • Most Voted
    • Highest Rated
    • All Time Shows
    • Release Date
    • By Year
    • By Decade
    • By Genre
    • A to Z
    • Search
  • TV Shows Search
  • IMDB Playlists
    • Various specialized playlists and categories



Overall, the Myriad Kodi addon contains some really nice features.

Myriad can be found in both the DandyMedia Repository & Noobs and Nerds Repository

NOTE: Like all Kodi addons, Myriad is only a search engine that scrapes media files from the public internet. It stores no content of its own.


How to Install Myriad Kodi Addon

This addon is a third-party Kodi addon not supported by the Kodi Foundation. Though Kodi add-ons don’t store any files or host any content, streams from this addon are scraped from websites that fall in a grey legal area.

Because it is not legal to stream this content in every country and location, we are not posting a how-to guide on this website. We believe that this is the safest move for because we know that there are parties looking to crack down on websites promoting piracy and we are not one of those. has plenty of add-on installation guides for things that are completely legal and we encourage you to check out our home page for more information.


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