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Xiangbo cultural heritage and home to lead by innovation Phyllostachys jade Chinese jade “Hundred Flowers Award” Gold Award

China Light Industry Association, China Light Industry Jewelry Center, China Institute of Cultural Arts and Crafts Professional Committee hosted two Chinese jade OO 8 “Hundred Flowers Award” selection event on June 13, 2008 to 16 in China (Guangzhou ) International Gold, Jewellery successfully held during the exhibition, from the ranks of Phyllostachys Xiangbo jade jade “Buddha fate” rating by The jade gold.

Chinese Jade “Hundred Flowers Award” was established in 1981, is the highest award for arts and crafts field. 20 years, jade “Hundred Flowers Award” selection activities have strongly promoted the development of Chinese arts and crafts industry. Jury selection activities during the year by the Palace Museum researchers, professor in Tsinghua University, jade industry experienced team of experts. After initial evaluation, a total selection of 365 works exhibition, which Xiangbo Home Phyllostachys Yu received the judges and audience alike, winning the ratings of this gold, silver, the best technology awards three prizes.

China Arts and Crafts Jade’s top award, “Hundred Flowers”, should the city government in Guangdong will be invited to four, on June 17 in the “hometown of Chinese jade,” the four city of the ceremony, and organized the Chinese Jade Cultural Heritage and Sustainable Development Forum. Home from China with Bo Yang master of arts and crafts are also invited to participate with even the forum.

Xiangbo home, arts and crafts from China with even the creation of master Yang Yang with even the master of his childhood influenced by family, love of jade. Man sincere, rigorous arts administration. Jade in China is very deep cultural understanding, work, distinct characteristics, financial and cultural and artistic aspects in one. Young root with master record made of jade with jade in the history of the six first. There are many works in the desert, Guardian, Jesus than the auction, which also attracted the attention of the world Snuff Bottle Society. Young Master was founded with even the intention to take home with Peter Bole know horses, Yu Yu division phase. Xiangbo home became a leading contemporary Chinese jade art to a higher authority more.

The ratings, with Peter Yu home of Phyllostachys many experts and visitors can attract not only the superb home with Bo jade craft, jade Phyllostachys deeper cultural meaning, it is the place to attract them. Phyllostachys Yu flourished in the Qianlong period, only for the palace all. As the saying goes, “Money can not buy Phyllostachys jade, there did not know Phyllostachys Jade” Jade Phyllostachys confirmed the status of the jade culture. Ok match as a symbol of wealth and power have been dominated for the emperor. The late Qing Dynasty, the royal family decline, a large number of court art lost during this period, workers Phyllostachys Qianlong Yu is one of them. However, centuries of Phyllostachys quiet Yu Yang in 2003, was master of the root with the successful restoration and innovation, the first time Phyllostachys jade jewelry on the application of the process to enable people to see this masterpiece Arts and fill the gaps in history, which is Phyllostachys jade to attract everyone’s place.

When Xiangbo home, Phyllostachys Yu, Yang root again and again with other name is mentioned in the forum, when Young saddled with even more responsibility, continuing the heritage of Chinese jade culture and innovation, has become the master of arts and crafts historic mission, Young said, with even the “eight years of Chinese jade culture has a history of several thousand years of Chinese jade carving that can be enduring, because the development could change with the times, this is jade culture has a powerful source of vitality However, how the current innovation and development of jade carving, jade culture to pass on, also need good research and knowledge must not just by personal feelings to innovate, not to quick success. jade carving of innovation and development does not depend on which several people can be expected and design, it is master of many arts and crafts on the basis of long-term practice, innovation and the formation. from the Chinese jade culture thousands of years of development history, jade art is always in the heritage of innovation and heritage in innovation, through the generations followed, and a treasure of Chinese traditional culture.

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