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A rose tree garden is a sight to behold! From the palest pinks to the deepest reds, from tight buds to full blooms and everything else in between, you combine the best of both worlds – the beauty of roses with the boon of space. Indeed, if you do not have the space to cultivate roses, then a tree rose garden is the next best thing. Here are tips to get you started on the right and easy path.

Purchase from a Reputable Nursery

Why worry about things like grafting when you can purchase rose trees in all their glory? Just make sure that you purchase the stocks for your rose tree garden from a reputable nursery as you want the rose tree to survive even under the care of a novice.

To make your gardening life easier, opt for a rose tree that requires little to no deadheading. Varieties like Double Knockout, Knockout and Carpet are ideal for this purpose although you can always ask the nursery staff for their recommendations.

Prepare the Soil Beforehand

Before proceeding to the nursery to purchase your initial stocks, you have to prepare the beds on which the rose trees will be transplanted. You have to ensure that the beds are just in the right condition plenty of compost mixed into the soil and good drainage, to name a few. To start your rose tree garden, you must first soak the rose standards in a bucketful of water while you dig the hole. This will ensure that the roots absorb plenty of water before transplantation. (The secret to transplanting roses is hyper-watering, by the way)

Plant the Rose Trees the Right Way

Of course, you just do not dig a hole in the ground and stick your rose tree in! You might as well get a shovel and whack at it for a few minutes until the two grafts are mangled beyond description.

Besides, you must design the garden to achieve the best effect. Thus, knowing exactly where to plant will make your rose tree garden more impressive, more expressive and more attractive! In short, you do not end up with a jungle of roses. Here are the basic steps to planting nursery-bought rose trees:

Dig an 18-inch deep hole with a width of 2 feet and then loosen the soil for another 6-12 inches. Into this loosened soil, mix in compost. Do the same with the soil from the dug hole but set it aside for the meantime.

Place your rose tree into the hole making sure that its roots are spread adequately and the bud junction will stand 1 inch under the soil once it is covered.
Cover the plant and its roots with the compost-soil mix.
Place a sturdy stake to support the trunk of the tree rose. Be sure to tie the trunk to the stake with an elastic bind.
Add the root starter and rose fertilizer to the whole set-up.

You have to repeat these steps to all the rose trees. And voila! You now have a rose tree garden. Now, sit back, relax and let Nature perform most of the work.

Rose gardening is easy if you know how to. For more great tips on planting a rose tree garden visit

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