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For Yu, the Chinese people have deep feelings. Jade for thousands of years the development and cultural heritage, so people love it too much sustenance and complex. Jade, a symbol of culture, but also a spiritual symbol.

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Westerners diamonds on behalf of permanent, representative of Asian Zeyi spirit and art of jade. Today, full of fashion consumption, jade firmly on its own unique charm to attract modern attention. New types of jade pendants, jade appearance Excessive Magnificence let people fill of fashion, the growing feeling on the jade. But in the jelly of the same time, people should learn to reward jade, jade items, make a person really knows jade.

>>> Jelly Full of jade decorations, such as wind

Full mosaic necklace round, crisp and dripping with jade pendant, jade ornaments exquisitely carved pieces of jade … … a fine impressive, fascinating. Today, all kinds of jade pendants, jade more and more people appeared in sight, with the concept of growing cultures, jade consumption resulting warming, is becoming a new fashion.

The many jade products, the most extensive was undoubtedly the jade ornaments. It consists of mosaic classes, bracelet class, hanging type three categories, as many as hundreds of current products. In the central mall, Songlei commercial buildings, great shopping centers and other large shopping centers, the counter eye-catching pendants, crystal clear one by one, the modeling implies different products, create a jade Chien world. Dream in the central mall of the Day was a special counter to have inlaid rings, necklaces, earring, blessed beans, rich bloom pendant, there are all kinds of bracelets, a pendants, a kind of “expression”, a culture, people put it down , intoxicated. It is reported today sales of jade ornaments was the rise year by year, this year, the counter is up 10% over last year, of which more than million in sales of high-end products the best, almost 40% of the market.

Long ago, most enamored of jade to the older crowd, with a cool and lubricate the jade ornaments, both demonstrate identity, but also a symbol of good luck. Now, some old lady loves platinum jewelry, have joined the ranks of jade ornaments consumption, that the campaign is very grade wearing a jade ornament; some men are not resigned then, many choose brave, Dragon brand, “steadily high” “came out top,” “Monkey on a Horse” and other ornaments worn in order to Geely. Pendants showed no age boundaries of consumer trends.

Compared with the gold and silver jewelry, jade decorations in the style changed little, when people buy more concise for the United States, such as oval, simple mosaic style class ring, pendant shapes are simple people’s favorite.

>>> Read jade More green jade more beautiful? Jelly is a complex, then there is a sub-election careful jade heart, to understand it, read it, to get to the satisfaction of the jade.

Two major types of jade, jadeite and nephrite, jadeite jade generally refers to as jade the most precious species, known as the “King of Jade”, pure emerald should be colorless, it is the system for the multi- high-end jewelry sales, the current Harbin market for this kind of jade pendants and more, its origin is Burma, where 95% of the world’s jade ornaments origin; soft jade refers primarily to the domestic Xiuyu Liaoning, Xinjiang and nephrite. It is learned that the amount increases every year of mining, the rise in recent years, the price of jade in Myanmar, leading to follow up the price of jade ornaments.

Central mall jewelry layer of the Ministry of goods consultant Liu Xi Yin small jade ornaments are very understanding.

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